Brakes are the leading food wholesalers in the UK, they supply private organisations such as pubs, restaurants and care homes, as well as hospitals and schools.


Whilst at Relish Design, I have worked in collaboration with them a number of times. Projects vary from eDM design to creating new brands for their suppliers, as well as working with their main Brakes brand;

Care home catering packs & recipe folder

These packs containing recipes and meal plans aimed to help care home staff plan a balanced menu for their inhabitants.

The physical shape and functionality of the packs was considered in conjunction with the design. Sturdiness, practicality and cost were important factors.

The project worked in conjunction with a large recipe folder containing over a hundred meal ideas - these sat along side product codes which made ordering and planning easy.


Here I worked with Brakes to create a digital presentation to help them win a new partnership with the NHS;

NHS pitch presentation

The brief was to work with Brakes' marketing team to create a good looking and cohesive presentation that would lead the verbal pitch by the Brakes team to their potential client.

Imagery and messaging was carefully thought about and five easily digestible sections were designed to work in conjunction with the verbal presentation. The result was well received throughout Brakes and used as a template for further pitch presentations.