Hungry Joe's

Hungry Joe's was Kerry Foods' second launch as a fully owned brand, following the success of the Made for You range.

The meals, designed to be hearty and filling are served in larger packs within the frozen food aisle. They are aimed mainly at young men who don't have the desire to prepare meals from scratch, but want an easy-to-cook satisfying meal at home.

The project

The design needed to be bold, strong and impactful but also had to make sure the focus was still on good hearty food.

The Hungry Joe's name was favoured from an early stage as it implied hearty diner-style food. The brand is designed to give a rugged and bold feel that should appeal to the target audience. Then simple yet tasty looking meals shot from above and giving the customer a good look at what they're getting was the plan.

To back up the diner-style name, we thought to introduce the man himself as a down to earth, no nonsense endorsement of the dishes. We chose this Joe, as a beefy character (not fat) to try to portray someone who likes a good hearty meal.

The range, exclusive to Asda supermarket, was hugely popular and the initial range of 8 products grew across 30 categories, which included promotional food for events such as the football World Cup.