Tortilla Mexican Grill

Tortilla has become the most successful Mexican burrito brand on the UK high street. They currently have over 35 stores around the UK with plans for many more throughout 2018/19. Selling a few specialised dishes such as burritos, nachos and quesadillas, they've become a staple breakfast, lunch or evening visit for thousands.

The project

I've worked with Tortilla since their first high street restaurant and strived to keep it a fresh and innovative place to visit over the past 8 years. I've watched it grow into a well known brand with restaurants from Brighton to Glasgow and have been involved in every store they have. Designing all aspects of their graphics, from marketing material to menu boards to graphic wall paper and poster print artworks. I’ve worked closely with architects and structural manufacturers to create a range of interior elements. Communication design throughout the stores is key and several levels of messaging have been created to sell both personality and product.

I continue to work with Tortilla, and look forward to each next unique design challenge keep them a fun and interesting place to visit.